Monday, February 27, 2012

Yarn! Smell it before you buy it!?

Who would have ever thought to SMELL yarn before you buy it?  We all look at the color, and then we look at the texture.  Then we feel the yarn between our fingers and we either buy it or put it back!  Smelling yarn would most certainly get a few odd looks, right?!

Well, smelling before I buy is likely going to become a practice for me!  I just pulled a ball of cotton from my bin, to make a hat.  The cotton was brought home in the bin, since the bin was purchased the same day.

I was sitting here with the yarn next to me, smelling this odd perfume-like smell; nothing like anything around the house.  I kept wondering what I was smelling.  I picked up that yarn to start on a hat, and I got a very strong whiff of the smell.  I still didn't connect the smell to the yarn, yarn doesn't smell like THAT!!

So I sat here happily crocheting away, all the while wondering what on earth was I smelling!  I reached up to adjust my glasses, and realized my HAND was smelling like the strange smell.  STILL not connecting the dots, I became a bit confused.  Suddenly it hit me that maybe it was the yarn.  I picked up the yarn and smelled...not the dainty little sniff, sniff, but the all out SNIIIIFFFF!!

WHEW!!  It almost knocked me out!  It isn't a bad smell, just a very strong smell.  My yarn smells!!  Well, let me just say that in MY opinion my yarn stinks...

Oh well, nothing a good shower for me and a spin through the washer for the hat won't fix, but SMELL BEFORE YOU BUY!!  :-)