Thursday, March 8, 2012

Getting Ready for Christmas!

YEP!!  You read that correctly!  It is indeed only March 8, but I am getting ready for Christmas!  Last Christmas, I didn't get everything made I wanted to make.  WHY!?  I didn't give myself enough time!

I have those projects I didn't get finished, to get me started for this Christmas.  I only needed a plan to figure out how to get them all finished!  Or at least WAY more finished than last year...

I have figured out that if I set aside one day a week to work on Christmas projects, I should be ahead of the long as I quit looking at patterns and adding to my laundry list of projects!  Like THAT will ever happen!!

I decided to do this way back at the beginning of February.  Ever the procrastinator though, I only began DOING this this week.  I began on Tuesday, making a stocking for one of my dogs...I have 3 dogs and 2 cats to make stockings for.  I had so much fun making that first stocking, I can't stop!!  I have a second stocking made, but not put together and a third stocking in the making!  My husband is going to contribute to the stockings by making the little paw pads and attaching them.  They are 2 rows of circle crochet, so a really easy project that will just make the stocking that much more of a special thing!

I set aside a day, and I think I will probably finish my part of the stockings before going on another project!  YES, they are just THAT much fun!!  Even with my YADD, Yarn Attention Deficit Disorder, I have been able to maintain focus on the stockings...despite have found A LOT of other really cool patterns I want to try!

I like easy, fast projects, that give me quick results!  Patience is NOT a word that anyone who knows me would EVER even THINK about using to describe me!  I have a blanket I am making for our queen size bed, that I started back in October.  At this point, working on the thing just frustrates me!  It is SO big, that I can't see the progress!  I pull it out every week or 2, and I might get 5 or 6 rows finished before I get tired of it.  It is just a basic ripple pattern, back loops only kind of blanket.  The yarn is beautiful!  It is an easy pattern, with yarn that I love!  I am not seeing results though, so I am not having fun...but I also can't wait to have the finished product, so I hook along and endure...

Okay, so back to Christmas projects.  Today I am going to make a list of all the people I want to make for, and what items I want to make.  This will HOPEFULLY give me a chance to have a real reason to search patterns for those people left blank!  Who knows, I might even have to ADD people ;-)

I figure if I start with Tuesdays being my day for Christmas projects, that gives me the entire week to finish if I just can't stop!  It will also give me an entire week to stuff that thing away and out of sight if I don't really enjoy it!

So, the pattern for the dog stocking can be found at, pattern number LW2697 or LW2626 if you want a stocking for you cat!

Here is what my first stocking looks like:

The name on this one was a complete after thought, and done in back stitch.  Embroidery is definitely NOT my strong point, but my little dog won't know or care!  All he will care about is what Santa left in the thing!  He will be glad to know I wrote his name on it so Santa will know which stocking is which!

My other stockings will be a bright pink for Sandy, and a red for Charger.  I opted for a softer white than just the bright white the pattern called for for the bone.  The bright white just said WOW, in my opinion.  I think the softer off-white yarn gives the stocking a much softer, more lived in look!

The cats are going to be a little more "difficult".  Well. not Meisha's, her stocking will be purple.  We have not figured out a color for Matisse's stocking, thinking maybe black with red toe pads for the black cat...who knows though.  The fishies on both will be red.

So, hopefully I will have quite the stash of homemade gifts to give this year, instead of quite the stash of yarn!  Only time will tell...


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