Friday, April 13, 2012

Free pattern for a hanging hand towel using 1 ball of cotton

One of my goals this year was to write a pattern that could be understood and used by others.  I do not believe in charging for a crochet pattern, no matter what it may be for.  It is my belief that I am unable to make the item for everyone who might want one.  I believe that by sharing my "discoveries" with you only enhances both of our crocheting lives.

Below, is a pattern that was intended for Peaches and Cream's Stripes cotton yarn.  It was also tested on the Stripes from Sugar and Cream....and of course, it will work with any and all other cotton yarn.  Please enjoy this pattern.  My intent is too hang these in my guest bathroom, using an antique drawer handle in place of a towel bar.

Hanging Hand Towel

1 ball of cotton yarn (I prefer Peaches and Cream Stripes, or Sugar and Cream stripes.) Please see note at bottom.
Size H crochet hook
1 button to match yarn -  1/2 to 1 inch, but Row 53 can be modified to fit any button...We all know how it feels to find JUST that right button, but it is the wrong size.  For smaller buttons DC in place of TR.  

17 rows = 4 inches
15 stitches = 4 inches

Chain 37.

Row 1:
SC in second chain from hook. * Chain 1. Skip next stitch in foundation chain and SC in next stitch.*     
Repeat from * to *, SC in last stitch of foundation chain.  Chain 1 and turn. (the last 2 foundation chains should
have SC in them) (36)

Row 2: SC if first stitch.  Chain one.  *Sc in chain 1 space of previous row.  Chain 1.* Repeat from * to * , SC in last stitch of row. Chain 1 and turn. (36)

Rows 3 through 40:
Repeat Row 2.

Row 41: SC decrease across, chain 1 and turn (18)

Row 42: repeat row 41 (9)

Row 43:  SC decrease in the first 2 stitches,  SC in the next, SC decrease in the last 2 stitches (5 stitches total)

Row 44: SC across; chain 1 and turn (5 st)

Rows 45 through Row 52: Repeat row 44

Row 53: HDC, DC, (TR,TR), DC, HDC (6 stitches total), chain 1 and turn

Row 54 : SC across (6st), chain 1 but do not turn.

Edging: SC evenly down side and around towel, sl st into first SC of Row 54.  Fasten off. 

Note: I have come to the conclusion that all balls of yarn, even by the same brand, are not created equal.  I created 7 towels before now.  All 7 were made by me, using the same hook.  The first 6 towels are identical, down to the amount of tail left to tuck at the end.  Towel 7 ended on a sad note, with the yarn not quite reaching the top of the second side of the towel.