Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Yo-yo bunny!

When I found this pattern, http://www.free-crochet.com/detail.html?code=FC00534&cat_id=326, i downloaded it and waited for the right yarn to come my way.  I like the bunny, but it looks kind of sad in the picture for the pattern.  I decided I wanted my bunny to be colorful and happy!

I decided I wanted red boots to match the red in the yo-yos.  I also opted to use the same yarn and the G hook for collar.  I think it makes him look less formal, and more fun.  I also opted out of using blush on his ears...who needs that mess?!

Either way you make it, this bunny is really fun and incredibly CUTE!!


  1. No offense, but the original looks much better.

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