Sunday, January 29, 2012

Hey, it has only taken me 29 days to post for the first time in 2012!!

Coming off Christmas was quite an experience for me, as I can imagine for any of you made Christmas gifts.  I don't think I started early enough to get everything done, so starting in February, I am going to come up with some sort of plan...hopefully one that will help me finish gift projects throughout the year, and feel less like a yarn machine this coming Christmas season!

I made a few stockings, some just very simple granny squares folded in half and trimmed.  I made these for a nursing home, and filled them with candy canes and chocolate and a little piece of paper celebrating the birth of Jesus.  They were a smashing success, I got rave reviews on that project.

I made some more complex stockings, that can be hung for Santa to fill.  These were not only fun to make, but they ended up looking incredible!  The best part of being a hooker is that I can make things in colors that I want.  I made a green and orange stocking for my husband for work, in the company colors!  When was the last time you were in a store and saw a green and orange stocking?  I also put his name on it!  Yeah, hooking has it advantages!!

I made a few hats, some were Christmas gifts, some were chemo caps.  Again, these were made not only with love, but to fit the person receiving them.  I made some really wild colored hats, along with the more subdued monochrome look.  I just let the yarn flow and whatever came out, I went with it!

I made some stuffed turtles.  That was a whole ordeal and adventure in and of itself!  I have been collecting Amigurumi patterns for a long time, thinking I would venture into that area eventually.  Then I saw all the little stuffed turtle patterns out there!  I am not usually a fan of things turtle, but I HAD to make a turtle!  Once I made one, people wanted it!  In fact, my second turtle, that I had clipped to my purse, ended up going home with a pair of 2 year old twins...Each little guy would look at my turtle and say, "NAME'S turtle!"!  How could I NOT let them have it after that!!

Well, those are my highlights of gifts...

I could go on and on here about what I have been making this year.  I will save it though. I don't want to bore you, plus it will give me an incentive to come back and post some more ;-)

Til the next post, I will be hooking away...